1. Beach day (at The Beach At 1st Street)

  2. Kaskade!! with @jat543 @rickyslimm @amlevy327 @dayz829 @alcaal @robquesadacgm and obv @kaskade duhh

  3. The Port of Miami ⛵️ (at South Pointe Park)

  4. at The Yacht Club at Portofino

  5. Leave what you don’t (at Walgreens)

  6. Hey rain, go away! (at Continuum South Beach)

  7. Someone tell me where I can find this guy (at Radio South Beach)

  8. Berlin street art! #tbt #graffiti (at Friedrichshain)

  9. Get Started

    On overcoming perfectionism:

    How many times have you been given an assignment, either for school, or a project, or an event, with a strict deadline. Somehow you’ve always managed to finish your work all those times, even if it wasn’t a masterpiece. Deadlines force us to ignore the tiny details and focus on completion, which is the primary objective right now.

    Give yourself an absurdly short timeframe to complete your project. For example: write a song in half an hour; write a short story a day, draw something in five minutes.

    Even the worst thing you’ve ever made is infinity % better than all of the work that doesn’t exist because you gave up on it.

    Mark Mahoney / Quora

  10. First day back in Miami and I’m already making new friends (at Brickell Key Island)

  11. DDR-era architecture (at Fernsehturm | TV Tower)

  12. Watching the sun rise over this bridge 🙊 (at Oberbaumbrücke)

  13. The road to Berghain is not normal (at Berghain / Panorama Bar)

  14. @card_josue get off my roof before I throw you off (at Berlin)

  15. Float away. . . (at Potsdamer Platz)